Grant Application Instructions and Requirements

(Please note: ONLY electronic applications will be accepted – no paper applications)

TERF is a non-profit organization dedicated to its mission and objectives.  TERF accepts requests for funding when these requests help facilitate the accomplishment of its mission.  Scoring/ranking will be given to those requests that have the greatest impact on education and research related to the Thoroughbred horse on a local and national level.   All submitted applications must be from a qualified and current 501-c-3.

TERF’s mission is:


Goal A            Equine Education

Goal B            Equine Research

Goal C            Veterinary Medicine (veterinary/veterinary technician students) scholarships

Goal D           Proper Care of Horses

TERF does not grant funds to facilities that care for unwanted (abused, neglected, or abandoned horses) or retirement horses because funds for this population of horses are available through other programs, i.e. The American Horse Council’s United Horse Coalition (

Applicants for TERF funding should complete the online application or PDF application (submit by email). Required supporting documents should also be submitted by email. 

Please be sure to:

  1. Name a responsible person with whom TERF may communicate regarding specific questions and who will be responsible for follow-up information regarding the project.
  2. Provide a detailed description of the proposed project, how it is related to the mission of TERF and how it will impact the health and welfare of the horse.
  3. Provide an IRS letter confirming 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt status.
  4. Provide a detailed budget for the projected use of the funds. (NOTE: no funds will be provided for administrative overhead; Capital spending will be limited to $500; TERF reserves the right to delete the proposed budget and fund based on Foundation requirements.)
  5. Provide a list of all other sources of funding and the amount(s) received.
  6. Provide a timeline that details the expected progress of the project.
  7. Provide appropriate references for the proposal.

Educational Grants (Except Scholarships): 

The applicant will be specific in providing:

  1. The purpose of the session/s or event
  2. The means and format by which it will be presented
  3. Information regarding the instructors (i.e. CV’s, degrees, expertise)
  4. Location and needs of the facility or plan
  5. A detailed budget
  6. A background that would justify the likelihood of success or impact of the event
  7. If the event/session charges a fee for attendance, an explanation of where monies above the cost of the event will be used.


Organizations or groups who wish to propose a meeting or summit that relates to a specific issue addressing equine health and education may submit a proposal for funding.  The protocol is the same.  TERF may provide funds for projects or events that support the coordination or collaboration of equine research. (Examples: Support of various workshops including the Equine Laminitis Research Workshop, Equine Disaster Preparedness, Lameness Research Meeting and Panel, Equine Research Summit, and Equine Colic Symposiums, etc…)

Overhead/Indirect Costs:

TERF, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, does not fund overhead or indirect costs for research or project grants.

Application Timeline:

To be considered for funding by TERF, completed applications must be received by April 1st.

The Board of Directors of TERF carefully selects grant recipients in a competitive grant-making process. Grant recipients will receive written notice of TERF’s acceptance of their funding request and/or notice via phone or e-mail by no later than June 30th of the application year for education and scholar support, and not later than September 1st for the research grant awards.

Repeat Applicants:

Applicants awarded funding from TERF the previous year must have submitted their report to the Foundation within 6 months after completion of their proposal and before future funding can be considered.

IMPORTANT — By accepting the Foundation support, all funded projects have the following requirements:

  1. Progress reports are required.
    1. Upon receipt of the check from TERF, an e-mail acknowledgment of receipt of the grant is sufficient.
    2.  A detailed summary of the outcome of the funded project is required as soon as possible after the event but no later than 6 months after completion, to allow us to promote the success of the event/project through social media. This should include information about the number of horses & people involved and the overall impact of the project. It should be in a format that will be understood by the intended audience, of no less than 250 words, to be received no later than one (1) month following the completion of the event/project, but as soon as possible is preferred!
    3. Publication of results should occur when possible. Publications may be in magazines such as The Horse, Equus, or other equine lay publications if data does not lend itself to publication in a scientific journal. Scientific data generated by funded projects should be presented at nationally or internationally recognized meetings such as AAEP and/or published in a recognized veterinary journal and TERF acknowledged as the funding agency  Publications should be submitted as soon as completed but no later than within 1 year of the completion of the project.
    4.   Failure to provide results in a timely manner may impact future funding eligibility.
  2. Visuals to post on our Web site and in publications.
    1. Video clips AND photographs (JPG format) of the beneficiaries of this grant and/or use of the funds are required by no later than one (1) month after your event; however, due to the need for social media content, we welcome updates, images, etc.… as soon as possible – even during your event/project.  While these may include the human participants, the focus should be on the horses benefiting from the project where applicable.
    2. If funds for a specific item are being donated, we welcome photos of the item purchased and in use soon after receipt or, if appropriate, a presentation type photo including your leadership or beneficiaries to be received no later than two (2) months after the event or project is complete.