October 17, 2019 – The Thoroughbred Education and Research Foundation (TERF) is pleased to award $15,000 to Wilson College to further the education of its students.

Wilson College’s mission is to empower students through an engaged, collaborative, liberal arts education that combines the skills and focused study needed for success in work and life.

For the past four years, TERF has generously funded Wilson College, providing scholarships to fourteen students in alignment with their own mission, to support and promote equine education and research by sponsoring scholarships in veterinary medicine. With TERF’s continued assistance, Wilson College will be able to award scholarships this year in the areas of Veterinary Medical Technology, Animal Studies and Equine majors (Equestrian Studies, Equine-Facilitated Therapeutics, Equine Journalism). These scholarships will ensure that passionate students develop the skills necessary to create a bright future for the Thoroughbred.

TERF’s grants reflect the values set forth by founders Herb and Ellen Moelis during TERF’s 2013 inception. TERF’s current Board, includes co-Chairs Kathleen Anderson, DVM, and James Orsini, DVM, Margaret H. Duprey, Gretchen and Roy Jackson, Ellen and Herb Moelis, Wendy Moon, Anita Motion, Toni Orsini, Scott Palmer, Josh Pons and Lucy Zungailia.

To make a tax deductible donation to TERF, please visit https://chescocf.org/fund/thoroughbred-education-and-research-foundation/ or send a donation to TERF c/o The Chester County Community Foundation, 28 West Market Street, West Chester, PA 19382.