April 8, 2015 – The Thoroughbred Education and Research Foundation (“TERF”) has announced the deadline for the year 2015 grant cycle. All grant applications are due on May 1, 2015 and will be accepted for equine scholarships and equine education and research initiatives, such as laminitis.

TERF is a non-profit charitable organization that supports and promotes equine education and research by providing scholarships for students in equine veterinary medicine, as well as grants for organizations which educate the public in related equine issues. Created in 2013, TERF has granted $227,000 since inception and maintains their current $2.2 million endowment, with an eye on growth.

A scholarship from TERF can be a bridge to learning, where only an abyss existed before. Utilizing a TERF scholarship may also provide flexibility and peace of mind for the student, knowing their original plan in the veterinarian field selected will be allowed to morph into a more specific or varying plan, over time.

Such is the case with Yana Sorokurs, a TERF scholarship recipient out of Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, who continued to follow her plan to become a general equine practitioner, but recently become interested in pursuing acupuncture certification. During her externships and animal medicine rotations Yana witnessed acupuncture greatly help horses and some calves with chronic pain.

Yana had also intended to do a private practice rotating equine internship after graduation, but instead will be doing a split; large animal medicine and equine private practice internship at Tufts College of Veterinary Medicine and Massachusetts Equine Clinic.

Elizabeth Hodge, another Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine scholarship recipient is planning to start a large animal rotating hospital internship at the University of Georgia, following graduation.  She added, “Although my initial interest was in laminitis research only, I have now added cardiology, with a focus on sudden death in horses on the racetrack.”